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Final Summative Test Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada
Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

Final Summative Test Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

  1. I need a … of coffee.

    1. bottle c. jug

    2. plate d. cup

      Answer: d. cup

      Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada
      Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada
  2. Mother : Could you bring a plate of rice,


    Didi : ….

    1. No c. Sorry

    2. Thanks d. Of course

      Answer: d. Of course

  3. Shinta : Does your father like a cup of hot


    Maria : Yes, ….

    1. I do c. he does

    2. she does d. they do

      Answer: c. he does

  4. My favorite food is a bar of ….

    1. chocolate c. cheese

    2. banana d. pizza

      Answer: a. chocolate

      The following text is for questions number 5 to 7.

      (Teks berikut untuk soal nomor 57.)

      Lintang, Pandu, Siwi, and Kevin are friend. It is a break time. They are in the canteen now. They order foods and beverages. Lintang and Pandu order a bowl of noodle. While Siwi and Kevin order a plate of fried rice.





  1. Lintang and Pandu order …. (HOTS)











    Answer: a.




  2. Lintang and his friends are in the … now.

    1. school c. classroom

    2. canteen d. yard

      Answer: b. canteen

  3. … and … order a plate of fried rice.

    1. Lintang and Siwi

    2. Pandu and Lintang

    3. Siwi and Kevin

    4. Kevin and Pandu

      Answer: c. Siwi and Kevin

  4. The pack of candy is nine thousand six hundred and forty rupiahs. The price in numbers is ….

    1. Rp9,650.

    2. Rp9,640.

    3. Rp9,630.

    4. Rp9,660.

      Answer: b. Rp9,640

      The following dialog is for questions number 9 to 11.

      (Dialog berikut untuk soal nomor 911.)

      Dika is going to the clothes store. He wants to buy a T-shirt and a belt.

      Shopkeeper : What can I do for you? Dika : Do you have a belt?

      Shopkeeper : Of course. Here you are. Dika : How much is the belt?

      Shopkeer : It is Rp15,000.00.


  1. Where is Dika going? He is going to the ….

    1. market

    2. boutique

    3. clothes store

    4. art shop

      Answer: c. clothes store

  2. Does Dika buy a tie?

    1. Yes, he does.

    2. Yes, he do.

    3. No, he doesn’t.

    4. No, he don’t.

      Answer: c. No, he doesn’t.

  3. How much does the belt cost? It costs ….

    1. five hundred rupiah

    2. five hundred and fifteen thousand rupiahs

    3. fifteen thousand rupiah

    4. fifteen hundred rupiahs

      Answer: c. fifteen thousand rupiah

  4. Karina has a fever. She drinks … three times a day.

    1. wheelchair

    2. orange

    3. medicine

    4. thermometer

      Answer: c. medicine

  5. My aunt is sick. She goes to the ….

    1. bank

    2. cafe

    3. market

    4. hospital

      Answer: d. hospital

      The following dialog is for questions number 14 to 17.

      (Dialog berikut untuk soal nomor 1417.)

      Dita : What happened with you? Eka : My stomach hurts.

      I just ate spicy food.

      Dita : I think you have got a stomachache. Eka : What should I do?

      Dita : You should take a medicine.


  1. Dita has a ….

    1. stomachache

    2. headache

    3. fever

    4. flu

      Answer: a. stomachache

  2. Dita has got a stomachache because she eats … food.

    1. sweet

    2. sour

    3. spicy

    4. bitter

      Answer: c. spicy

  3. Dita should take a ….

    1. spicy food

    2. medicine

    3. dentist

    4. hospital

      Answer: b. medicine

  4. The underlined word on the dialog above means ….

    1. sirup

    2. jarum suntik

    3. resep

    4. obat

      Answer: d. obat

  5. What is this? This is a ….




    1. cap

    2. tie

    3. hat

    4. shorts

      Answer: c. hat

  6. What are they? They are ….




    1. brown socks

    2. brown shoes

    3. black slippers

    4. black sandals

      Answer: b. brown shoes

  7. Rearrange this jumbled words below to make a good sentence. (HOTS)

    am  wearing   tie   red


    1. I am wearing a tie red.

    2. I am wearing a red tie.

    3. I am a red tie wearing.

    4. I am a tie red wearing.

Answer: b. I am wearing a red tie.

B. Answer the following questions correctly.

(Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dengan tepat!)




  1. How does it taste?




    Answer: It tastes bitter.

  2. How do a lime and an orange taste?

    Answer: Sour.

  3. What is it?




    Answer: It is a cup of tea.

  4. A: Do you like a bar of chocolate? B: No, ….

    Write the correct words!

    Answer: I don’t.

  5. Buyer : …. a plate of steak? Seller : It is Rp17,000.00 Write the correct words!

    Answer: How much is

  6. My mother buys a vegetable in the market. What does market in Indonesian mean?

    Answer: Pasar.

  7. Translate into Indonesian!

    Dina drinks medicine three times a day.

    Answer: Dina meminum obat tiga kali sehari.

  8. What does happen with Rian?




    Answer: He has a got headache.

  9. What is it?




    Answer: It is a T-shirt.

  10. Mention the clothes below!




Answer: Shirt, shorts, tie.

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