Competence Test 5 Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

Competence Test 5 Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

  1. My mother always brings her … everywhere.




    1. purse

    2. hand bag

    3. watch

    4. keychain

      Answer: b. Hand bag

  2. I don’t like wearing a … because it is not comfortable.




    1. pants

    2. shorts

    3. skirt

    4. dress

      Answer: c. skirt

  3. Dad used to wear a … to go to the office.




    1. shirt

    2. belt

    3. skirt

    4. T-shirt

      Answer: a. shirt

      Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

  4. Arrange these words “A-C-J-K-T-E” into the correct words.

    1. JECKAT

    2. KACJET

    3. JAKCET

    4. JACKET

      Answer: d. Jacket

  5. Dad : Mom, where is my belt? Mom : I put it on the table. Dad is looking for …. (HOTS)













  6. Sarah : I love your new …. Me : Thanks.




    1. vest

    2. blouse

    3. skirt

    4. dress

      Answer: b. blouse

  7. Shorts in Indonesian is ….

    1. kemeja

    2. celana panjang

    3. rok

    4. celana pendek

      Answer: d. celana pendek

  8. I am wearing … at school.

    1. uniform c. gloves

    2. jacket d. pajamas

      Answer: a. uniform

  9. I am wearing … before I sleep.




    1. T-shirt

    2. dress

    3. cap

    4. pajamas

      Answer: d. pajamas

  10. Q : Is Kiki wearing a kimono?

    A : …




    1. Yes, she is.

    2. Yes, he is.

    3. No, she is not.

    4. No, he is not.

      Answer: c. No, she is not.

  11. cap  has  Niko  new  a

    The best arrangement is …. (HOTS)

    1. Nico has a new cap.

    2. Nico has cap a new.

    3. Nico has new a cap.

    4. Nico has new cap a.

      Answer: a. Nico has a new cap.

  12. Look at the picture below.




    1. She is wearing a red blouse.

    2. She is wearing a blue cap.

    3. She is wearing a blue jacket.

    4. She is wearing a green dress.

      Answer: c. She is wearing a blue jacket.

  13. They … wearing black shoes.

    1. am

    2. is

    3. are

    4. in

      Answer: c. are

      The following text is for questions number 14 to 16.

      (Teks berikut untuk soal nomor 1416.)

      Budi is an elementary student. He wears uniform every day to school. Every Monday and Tuesday, he wears white shirt and red shorts. It is completed with tie, cap, and shoes. On Wednesday and Thursday, he wears batik. It is a traditional cloth from Indonesia. For Friday, he wears scout uniform.


  1. Budi is an … student.

    1. kindergarten

    2. elementary

    3. junior high school

    4. senior high school

      Answer: b. elementary

  2. Budi wears white shirt and red shorts every


    1. Sunday

    2. Tuesday

    3. Saturday

    4. Friday

      Answer: b. Tuesday

  3. Budi wears batik every Wednesday and Thursday.

    Batik is Indonesian … cloth.

    1. modern

    2. ancient

    3. traditional

    4. futuristic

      Answer: c. traditional

  4. Abel wears red and white … when she goes to school.

    1. veil

    2. shorts

    3. dress

    4. shirt

      Answer: d. shirt

  5. The women always wear dress. The underlined word means ….

    1. gaun

    2. kemeja

    3. rok

    4. jas hujan

      Answer: a. gaun

  6. What do you wear for sleeping?

    1. Pajamas.

    2. Shoes.

    3. Raincoat.

    4. Shorts.

      Answer: a. Pajamas.

  7. he wear shoes for going to mountain?

    1. Does

    2. What

    3. Do

    4. How

Answer: a. Does

B. Answer the following questions correctly.

(Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dengan tepat!)




  1. Mention her clothes.




    Answer: Hair clip, T-shirt, dress, shoes.

  2. a – Shizuka – kimono – wears

    Rearrange these words.

    Answer: Shizuka wears a kimono.

  3. Translate into Indonesian.

    1. belt

    2. jacket


      1. ikat pinggang

      2. jaket

  4. Translate into English.

    1. celana pendek

    2. celana panjang


      1. shorts

      2. trousers

  5. Make a sentence using “wear”.

Answer: She wears a hair clip.





Answer the following questions correctly.

(Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dengan tepat!)

  1. I wear … because the weather is very cold.

    Answer: a jacket

  2. My father wears shirt when go to office. The underlined word means ….

    Answer: kemeja

  3. The student wears a … in their neck.

    Answer: tie

  4. The meaning of T-shirt is ….

    Answer: kaos

  5. The arrange ment for the words o      s is ….

Answer: gloves

E nrichment




Do the following task.

(Kerjakan tugas berikut!)

What is your family’s favorite clothes?

(Apa saja baju kesukaan keluargamu?)

Ask your family member about their favorite clothes. (Tanyakan keluargamu tentang baju kesukaan mereka!) Then, write it down in your notebook.

(Kemudian, tulislah di buku catatanmu!)

Answer: Teacher’s policy.

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