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Competence Test 2 Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada
Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

Competence Test 2 Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada

  1. Is this an ice cream cone? Yes, ….




    1. there are not

    2. there are

    3. it is not

    4. it is

      Answer: d. it is

  2. Dika … a glass of orange juice.

    1. drink

    2. drinks

    3. drinking

    4. is drunk

      Answer: b. drinks

      Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada
      Kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Persada
  3. Elvi : What is it? Father : It is a … of tea.




    1. cup c. plate

    2. glass d. bowl

      Answer: a. cup

  4. Fitri : Do you want a … of milk? Fani : Yes, I do.




    1. carton

    2. glass

    3. box

    4. can

      Answer: c. box

  5. It is a bowl of ….




    1. meatball

    2. noodle

    3. fried rice

    4. soup

      Answer: b. noodle

      The following text is for questions number 6 to 10.

      (Teks berikut untuk soal nomor 610.)

      Mr. Dodi is Dina’s father. He likes a cup of coffee. He usually drinks it in the morning. Dina can make it for him. She puts a spoon of sugar to make it sweet. The coffee tastes sweet but bitter too.


  1. Mr. Dodi is Dina’s ….

    1. mother

    2. father

    3. sister

    4. brother

      Answer: b. father

  2. Mr. Dodi likes a cup of …. (HOTS)

    1. tea

    2. mineral water

    3. coffee

    4. juice

      Answer: c. coffee

  3. Mr. Dodi drinks a cup of coffee in the ….

    1. morning

    2. afternoon

    3. evening

    4. night

      Answer: a. morning

  4. The coffee tastes ….

    1. sour and bitter

    2. sweet and bitter

    3. spicy and bitter

    4. sweet and bitter

      Answer: b. sweet and bitter

  5. Dina puts … in the coffee to make it sweet.


    1. salt

    2. honey

    3. pepper

    4. sugar

      Answer: d. sugar

  6. Father : Could you give me a glass of tea? Wahyu : ….

    1. Sure

    2. No, I am not

    3. Horray

    4. Sorry

      Answer: a. Sure

  7. Diva : … you like a cup of tea? Mother : Yes, please.

    1. Could

    2. Would

    3. Should

    4. What

      Answer: b. Would




  8. Cika: What is it? Rika: It is a ….

    1. bowl of noodle

    2. bowl of sugar

    3. bowl of meatball

    4. bowl of soto

      Answer: b. bowl of sugar

  9. It is a … of iced tea.




    1. plate

    2. cup

    3. glass

    4. bowl

      Answer: c. glass

  10. A : What do you have? B : I have ….




    1. a can of soft drink

    2. a cup of soft drink

    3. a glass of soft drink

    4. a carton of soft drink

      Answer: a. a can of soft drink

  11. A : Do you like a cup of hot chocolate? B : Yes, ….

    1. I am not

    2. I am

    3. I do

    4. I do not

      Answer: c. I do

  12. I want a plate of fried rice.

    The word “want” in Indonesian means ….

    1. membutuhkan

    2. memakan

    3. meminum

    4. menginginkan

      Answer: d. menginginkan

  13. A … of water is good for us.




    1. glass c. carton

    2. cup d. bottle

      Answer: d. bottle

      The following dialog is for questions number 19 and 20.

      (Dialog berikut untuk soal nomor 19 dan 20.)

      Tika Mom Tika


      : I am tired.

      : Are you hungry?

      : Yes, … (19). Could you give me a

      … (20) of soup, please?

      : Sure.


  14. a. I am

    1. he is

    2. she is

    3. they are

    Answer: a. I am

  15. a. cup c. plate

b. glass d. bowl

Answer: d. bowl

B. Answer the following questions correctly.

(Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dengan tepat!)







  1. What is it?







    1. It is a piece of cheese.

    2. It is a jug of water.

  2. Make a sentence using these words!

    1. need

    2. like


      1. need = I need a glass of water.

      2. like = I like a slice of cake.

  3. Translate it into Indonesian! “I need a box of milk.”

    Answer: Saya membutuhkan sekotak susu.





    A : What is it?

    B : It is …. (a)

    A : Do you like it?

    B : No, …. (b)

    Write the correct words!


    1. a slice of pizza.

    2. I do not.

  5. Rearrange these words into a good sentence! Cici – a – plate – noodle – of – likes

Answer: Cici likes a plate of noodle.





Answer the following questions correctly.

(Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dengan tepat!)





    Q : Is this a glass of orange juice? A : …

    Write the suitable answer!

    Answer: Yes, it is.

  2. Mika (eat) a plate of rice bowl.

    What is the correct word in brackets?

    Answer: eats

  3. “a slice of pizza”

    What is the Indonesian meaning of the phrase above?

    Answer: Sepotong pizza

  4. “seteko teh”

    What is the English meaning of the phrase above?

    Answer: a jug of tea

  5. What is it?




Answer: It is a bar of chocolate.

E nrichment




Do the following task.

(Kerjakan tugas berikut!)

Find a picture of food and drinks on the internet.

(Carilah gambar makanan dan minuman di internet!)

Then write five sentences about the quantity of the food and drinks.

(Lalu buatlah lima kalimat tentang kuantitas makanan dan minuman tersebut!)

Answer: Teacher’s policy.

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